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The Great Escape Adventure is the only organization for Stage 4 Cancer patients, which provides 3 – 14 day escapes from the daily realities of cancer. We provide inspiration, comfort and the opportunity to be normal and live life to the fullest for the duration of the chosen escape. You will have the opportunity to create lasting memories and lifelong friendships with family, friends, caregivers and others who are living with Stage 4 Cancer.

Three Things need to be done to participate:

1.  Submit the application of interest

2.  Reserve your space through our travel partner (Total Travel)  &

3.  Complete the Application Process  and submit via email or mail to The Great Escape Adventure. 



  • Please read this very carefully and follow all the instructions carefully to complete the steps necessary to participate in The Great Escape Adventure

  • Please submit all required information; incomplete applications will delay in your participation

  • The Great Escape Adventure takes your health very seriously and thus has guidelines to assure your personal safety and care while on the Escapes

  • The Great Escape Adventure DOES have a cost related and at this time is currently not offering scholarships. We are actively pursuing a means to assist financially in the future.

  •  Expression of interest form* – This basic form will provide us with basic information to assist in providing you accurate information for your specific needs while on the The Great Escape Adventure. Once completed, we would contact you to answer any questions and provide current up to date prices and/or specials.

  • The applicants then may choose to book or reserve a spot on an escape, however, it is important to remember that the applicants MUST submit the *complete the application process* before final payment is made;  as well as prior to participating on any given Escape or denial to participate with the group could occur . Deposits are fully refundable up until final payment date. After that penalties begin.


  • Upon confirmation of your booking the members will then provide the necessary documentation (The Final 2 Steps) to join the escape and we will walk you through the process if necessary.

  • The documents below should definitely be brought with you for your own safety.

    • Copy of the current valid health insurance

    • Copy of current valid passport

    • Copy of most recent doctors note (dated within 6 months of departure date)

    • Copy of most recent medications (dated within 6 months of departure date)

    • Copy of most recent blood test results (dated within 6 months of departure date) (Remember what is normal blood levels for us is not what is normal for others) The Physicians must have these for your safety.

    • It is highly recommended that you  purchased or possess pre-existing condition travel insurance or you will personally be charged for any medical expenses incurred. We can assist you with the purchase of your  travel insurance.


Please feel free to contact us anytime for further assistance with the application process.


What's next? 


You may choose to get further detailed information for you and your guests, apply for a particular escape, by clicking the  I'm Interested button below and filling out the form. We will then contact you upon receipt and answer any questions you may have or simply get you set up for your Escape.

Once you have reserved your space on an Escape you must return to this website to finalize your application before departure.

How to participate in The Great Escape Adventure

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