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Denise Perreault

Life is truly short, way shorter than anyone can ever imagine. Things can change in the blink of an eye. 

It was just another regular day when the founder was diagnosed with HER2 positive ER+ and PR- metastatic breast cancer with mets to the bones and liver. No warm up to cancer, just thrown in at STAGE 4. After 2 years into this terminal disease, 30 treatments in, a phenomenal amount of tests, scans, biopsies, injections and appointments, it was obvious that everyone else diagnosed with terminal disease, would have good days, albeit far and few between, bad days and worse days. It is appropriate to say the good days are the days that Stage 4 patients don't think about cancer or feel any "ickyness" from cancer.


Those are truly good days!! Some, have those days more frequently and some have none of those.

The Founder of The Great Escape

Living with terminal disease is a whirlwind of emotions, examinations, poking, prodding and invasive treatments. What an adjustment to life??. It is very easy to get tired of all the cancer related stuff that one has to deal with everyday. So what do the terminally diagnosed really want? They want to Go Out And Live Life or at least what they have left, try and be normal, and create memories for themselves and their loved ones.


So through that…… was the birth of "The Great Escape". A get-away where people diagnosed with terminal cancer can forget about the daily reality and just go out and live life.It is designed for Stage 4, metastatic cancer patients only.


The intent is to provide a comfortable platform for sharing in addition to giving the people an opportunity to ESCAPE from their reality, if even for a week; to create memories and just LIVE LIFE!

The diagnosis, best & worst moments.

The Founder

The Founder

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The Great Escape