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"Sharing the Wonders of Alaska"

Cruising the World Famous

Glacier Bay

May 2018

Well the Alaska Adventure has come and gone.  What a beautiful Adventure it was. We started in Seattle first where we all had the opportunity to meet and get acquainted before our departure. We stayed at the beautiful Hilton Bellevue and were welcomed with open arms.  Some folks decided to arrive early and take advantage of the wonderful gifts we received.  We were honored and blessed to received complimentary tickets to the Stars on Ice show as well as a Seattle Mariners Game.  Not only did we receive these free of charge,  but we had our own private box at Stars on Ice.  What a treat!!.
 We boarded to Alaska on May 22nd and we were off to Juneau and Skagway.  Following that we cruised Glacier Bay and even had a stop in beautiful Victoria, B.C. in Canada.  This was truly a bucket list cruise vacation that was a little bit out of the way, a little cool and a little bit out of the ordinary, but this Alaskan cruise was certainly a fantastic choice. Alaska is such a natural wonder through and through, and the coastal panhandle region we sailed through was perhaps the most stunning scenery we have ever seen.  We realized that if we had 5 cents for each photo that was taken, we would all be millionaires. This cruise had the most quaint seaside towns like Ketchikan and Skagway, and with stunning harbor vistas like Juneau’s and Glacier bay.... this escape will never be forgotten . Cruising Alaska gave us a first-row ticket to the best of nature including fjords, glaciers, wildlife and mountains galore. Oh, mother nature was for sure showing off.
We had 44 people in our group and what a beautiful group it was!! We had people come from  both eastern and Western Canada, and the others coming from over 15 different states.  We may have come from many different places, but we left as one big family. We  all had the one thing in common: Stage VI Cancer which brought us together, but was soon easily and quickly left behind.  Friendships were immediately formed, memories were created, many laughs were had and most of all we all had fun going out and just living life!
Everyone participated in so many different things, it was amazing to see and almost impossible to keep track and take pictures of  all the excitement.  To give you an example, some went shopping,  some attended the baseball game and stars on ice.  Others went on adventure tours, dog sledding, zip lining, sea planes, helicopter tours, whale watching, gold panning, museums, heritage sites, rail tours, and did I mention shopping. There is something about vacations and shopping for sure.  There were so many things to see and do, I cant begin to list them all. Not to mention the amount of food and different types we all ate and experienced.  The joy of it all cannot be expressed in words.  
We have a few photos below to share so you can see a little part of  our adventure.  If you are thinking of joining a Great Escape, we promise, you won't be sorry.  Live for today and leave cancer behind and create memories and family that last your lifetime.
We are heading to Cuba and the Southern Caribbean next, care to join us?
May 22 - 29, 2018
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