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Ground Zero: "Living Life"

April 24th-April 30th, 2016

This Escape was the first one done by the Founder of The Great Escape Adventure.  She went on a cruise on board the Navigator of the Seas with stops in George Town, Grand Cayman; Falmouth, Jamaica and Labadee (private island).  It was on this escape that she realized what it was like to “Go Out And Live Life”!  The journey begins......

“For the first time since my Stage 4 cancer diagnosis, I was able to leave the cancer, the treatments, the rollercoaster of emotions all behind and just live in the moment. I had the best time of my life! This time away provided me with an escape from a depressing daily reality and provided me with the opportunity to fill a bucket list dream. I have always wanted to go on a cruise.  Now that I was facing a death sentence, I realized there was no better time than the present.  I just wanted to go out and live life as a normal person.”

Upon her return, she realized that the other people living the disease must feel the same way. So she started to see if there were programs available to provide the same type of experience for others in the same situation and to her disappointment she found nothing especially targeting only Stage 4 patients.

With her experience and background she decided if there is nothing, maybe SHE could do something.  She continued her research and looked for people she could partner with whom could help provide assistance in setting up and delivering such a program that provided an escape from cancer and allowed people to just escape from everything. To mention a few, she looked for travel agents, and agencies that could assist with funding, administrative support and also assistance with the set up of a Non-profit organization. 


After much work she accomplished her mission, which lead to the journey of The Great Escape Adventure. Her mission began with a calling, a vision, a passion for others, all with excitement in her heart, and yet accomplished it all while living with a terminal illness. 

“I am passionate about making this escape come true for ALL people who are suffering from what they believe is a lifeless, terminal disease and together, we will live and enjoy life in every moment and  improve the quality of our lives in ways that chemotherapy and other medicines cannot.” 

Cancer can't take away happiness!
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