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The Founder in The Bahamas 2017

The Great Escape Adventure is soley for those that are diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of any type

and the applicant must be under doctor's care at the time the application process is completed. 



If you have not completed your application of interest, and wish to participate in a specific escape please click here.


If you have a reservation and confirmation in place please continue to

finalize the process.  *you must*:


1.    Complete the two documents below.

 a.  Application and

 b.  Medical  Release Form

2.    Submit these two documents:

a.  Scan and Email to:  or

 b. Mail to:

The Great Escape Adventure

12689 S. Montana Ave.

Yuma, AZ 85367

Please use the following links to complete your application



      You are now on your way to an ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!

Final Steps to Your Escape 

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